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We secretely turned the best practices from the most advanced emailing agencies into a solution so that you can also 10 x your customer retention.

100% automated. Zero skills required. 

Leverage AI-powered shopper segmentation with smart catalog exposure
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Why BuyFive?

Designed for busy ecommerce owners, BuyFive is your key to retain your customers without having to do anything!

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Core Features

Why ecommerces choose BuyFive as the complementary tool to their newsletters.

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    AI-Powered Segmentation

    Our AI technology 🤓 segments your customers for more impactful marketing.

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    To-the-point & branded messages

    BuyFive is composed of dynamic pre-defined branded messages that always perform.

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    Smart Catalog Exposure

    Our AI continuously foresees which products will please each of your customers. 

They Increased by 400% their revenue per email sent

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What Our Customers Say

Hear from other ecommerce businesses who have found success with BuyFive.

  • Benjamin Smets, Ecommerce Manager in sport nutrition

    I used to spend between 4h and 6h each week only to extract my figures, trying somehow to segment my shoppers and figuring out what could be the next campaign from there. Then came the design of it on Strppio and export to Brevo for shooting.

    BuyFive came in rescue and did all of that for me in only a few clicks with more scenarios I could have imagined! Last but not least, the one-to-one personalization of their product pushed made x5 my revenue generated per email $$$!

    Thanks Sylvain for your deep understanding of my needs and the co-development of features I was really missing since a few years now. You ROCK 👏 

  • Sophie Trenteseaux, Ecommerce Owner in Health&Care

    Being very cautious about my brand notoriety, and not very fan of Sales profusion in my strategy, I was very sceptic about bringing automations in my marketing stack. We already experimented that with Klaviyo, but it turned to be complex and hard to maintain, without mentioning some bugs we didn't manage to solve.

    We ran a few campaigns with BuyFive and I've witnessed a very simple system to operate respecting my business objectives. The personalized emails per shoppers are quite efficient I suppose as my revenue have been multiplied by 3 from the start compared to my previous campaigns.

    I really wish this nice team of success in their beautiful project !


3 Simple Steps

Set it up with someone one of our team & watch your revenue grow the next day!

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    Connect BuyFive to your store
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    Adjust your branding guidelines
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    Activate our pre-defined automations
  • Enjoy more revenue!

Simple & Fair Monthly Pricing

Pricing is defined by the number of contacts in your database that can be re-engaged each month by BuyFive. 

  • Monthly

    Per 1000 shopper contacts
  • Yearly

    Per 1000 shopper contacts


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